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Get a Solar Monitoring and Maintenance Service in Frisco, TX

As a rule of thumb, solar panel maintenance should be scheduled once or twice a year, depending on how much debris your unit collects. At Mega Watt Solar, we can perform a thorough inspection to ensure your system works at peak efficiency all year round. We're a solar monitoring company with over six years of experience supporting roof and ground mount units in and near Frisco, TX. Our technicians evaluate whether you need a solar panel repair or a regular maintenance routine when you call us. Enjoy uninterrupted solar services 24/7 by working with us today!
A Reliable Solar Panel Support Team

Your solar panel comprises solar cells covered by protective glass. They are constantly exposed to dirt, moss, leaves, and bird droppings, which lead to corrosion and deterioration. As dirt blocks sunlight, your panel’s power output will be decreased. Don’t let these issues catch you off guard, and contact our skilled contractors! Count on us to go the extra mile to protect your solar panels and prevent these problems from happening.

Stay Ahead of Potential Issues

Preventive solar monitoring and maintenance is an excellent way to ensure your panels stay in tip-top shape at all times. That’s why our Mega Watt Solar is here to assist you! If you live in or near Frisco, TX, contact us today to schedule your service appointment. Upon your request, we will inform you and make assessments to help you decide your best option for removing any potentially problematic materials.

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