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Roof Mounts

Make Your Roof Work for You!

Partner With Professional Roof-Mounted Solar Installers in Frisco, TX

Roof-mount solar panels are an excellent option for both commercial and residential applications. They're the most affordable system within their category and provide long-lasting energy solutions. Enjoy all these benefits by working with our Mega Watt Solar team!

We're solar installers with over six years of experience serving homeowners and businesses in and near Frisco, TX. Our main goal is to help you reduce your carbon footprint by having a green energy source. Trust us to properly install this unit so you can take full advantage of its potential right away.
Your Go-To Solar Panel Company

Many people choose to install solar panels on their roofs because it is an investment that pays for itself over time. Not only does it need little maintenance to function, but it also safeguards your roofing system against external factors and harsh weather conditions. Fear no power outages and blackouts because our team is here to help!

With Every Solar Installation, We Consider:

  • Roof size
  • Orientation
  • Energy demand
  • Energy cost
  • Property's structural integrity
  • Electrical system's ability to take extra amps
  • Utility provider
  • HOA
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Are you looking for solar installers in or near Frisco, TX? Look no further than our Mega Watt Solar team! We’re ready to make your transition to renewable energy hassle-free. Call us today to get started! Financing options are available.

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