tesla solar battery backup installed at residential property wall frisco tx

Solar Battery Backup

A Reliable Source of Energy

Get a Complete Solar Battery Backup Installation in Frisco, TX

At Mega Watt Solar, we want our clients to benefit from renewable energy sources. However, we recognize that solar panels aren’t as reliable as expected. That’s where solar battery backup systems come in! For over six years, we’ve been installing solar batteries in and near Frisco, TX. Once the solar panels are installed, our team can determine how much power you will need based on your current usage. Rest easy knowing that your home will fully function even when the power is out.
Switch to an Efficient Solar Battery Bank

Having a generator can be beneficial, especially when it comes to protecting your appliances after a power surge. However, these systems have to rely on gas to operate, posing a safety hazard. Reduce this risk by installing solar battery storage! What makes these units so popular is that they don’t create noise pollution that will bother your neighbors. Enjoy all these benefits by working with our home solar battery specialists.

Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Do you need a solar battery backup in or near Frisco, TX? You’ve come to the right place! At Mega Watt Solar, we want to make sure your daily tasks aren’t interrupted by unexpected power losses. Contact us today so we can address your concerns. We adhere to strict safety standards, comply with deadlines, and strive for total customer satisfaction.

Extend Your Solar Panel's Lifespan Today!